Below are some resources that people have told us helped them discern, understand and come to terms with their own faith journey as they contemplated leaving organized religion, staying inside the church or possibly returning.  We make no attempt to endorse any particular resource, but this is not an open list either.  We have only included those that were mentioned multiple times by our respondents and that seemed productive.  If you have something you think should be added to this list, please do contact us and let us know.


The Liturgists website/facebook/podcast (especially Safe Church and Lost and Found episodes).

The community at The Lasting Supper run by David Hayward aka Naked Pastor

The God Journey podcast/blog/forum and various books by Wayne Jacobsen

The documentary When God Left the Building by Thom Schultz

The hour of conversation and stories to feed your soul at Lifetree Cafe (find one near you)

The Fathom Podcast and Blog

The research being done by The Church and its 20 Somethings (tumblr/blog/podcast/etc.)

The emerging community over at The Dones website

The Christianity for the Rest of Us blog.  Great writers and great conversations.

Find James Paul on Facebook and ask him for a friend request.  He’s got a great community going.