Church Refugees Soundtrack

Introducing This Why I Left You: Songs for the Dones

Behind the Project

As we were collecting data for this project, it became very apparent that the Dones lacked music which spoke directly to them and their experiences. Many of them missed the connection they felt with God while singing in church choirs or simply as an entire congregation.

We also know that music can be a bridge to understanding.  For a group so often misunderstood as the Dones, this music can provide a window into their experiences and struggles by those who share the struggle or long to connect with them.

Over the past six months my wife and I commissioned six amazing Christian singer-songwriters to take quotes directly from Church Refugees to seed the lyrics for their songs.  Greeley, CO artist Megan Oakes was kind enough to contribute the artwork. We hope you agree with us that the result is something truly amazing.

The album is Available at Bandcamp now.