A church is a gathering, not a building.  It is inherently a collective effort of  people explore and live out their faith.  It might take the form of a service with a standard liturgy, but it may also simply be a regular meeting of friends for a meal.

In 2017, with the assistance of a grant from The Louisville Foundation, The Dechurched Project will begin exploring the characteristics of communities of faith that exist outside of institutional bounds.  We’ll be traveling the country and interviewing people and faith communities who are living out their faith together outside of the institutional church.  In the process, we hope to help re-claim the word “church” from the popular vocabulary which primarily associates “church” with “building.”

In many cases, we’ll be bringing cameras and recording equipment with us in order to help create an in-depth understanding of just how diverse modern Christianity is.  Amazing things are happening in the world from simple meals at people’s homes to collective community service efforts.  CHURCH is an attempt to understand and document those activities.

If you or someone you know is currently part of a group of people who are living out their faith collectively outside of the institutional church, drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you and maybe even come out for a visit.